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60 minute festival for BBC 2 and 90 minute for BET
A festival of Mowtown acts including Stevie Wonder, The Temptation & Johhny Gill
Client: Mowtown / Pepsi for BBC / BET, Director: Terry Jervis, Producer: Henry Stein, Editor: Henry Stein Online: Roger Watling

Jheryl Busby's comments sum it up, Jamaica was flooded and an outdoor festival had to be moved inside, problems with customs, lost luggage etc proved testing.

This clip is Stevie Wonders section, unfortunately he arrived before most of the equipment had cleared customs, or the stage had been built. As he was about to tour Japan in the following days we had to shoot it that night.

Although the crew had just arrived, the majority of camera equipment had been carrried as hand luggage so we used all 4 channels of the six cameras for the multi track recording, and 're-decorated' the hotels disco for the filming.

Stevie Wonder was the ultimate professional, rehearsed the local choir for a couple of hours then we recorded it.