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52 min Documentary
Broadcast on BBC 2, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and worldwide TV

Filmed, produced, directed, and onlined by Henry Stein, Editor: Gina Partridge, Music: Michael Weston, Sound post: Videosonics

Having initially been invited out to Latvia for the first assembly with Andrew Logan, it seemed like a good idea to take a camera

For the following 2 years I was a one-man crew, carrying a good old fashioned Beta SP kit which, with all the batteries, chargers, tripod etc, weighed more than me. In the last two years the temperatures were into to high 30s, so I lost a lot of weight!

Doing interviews was fun; I couldn't leave the kit on its own, otherwise it would be stolen (real Russian Mafia problems at that time, another story), so I would have to find the interviewee, try and set up the kit, mic them up, test sound before they got pissed off and left, then film the interview

Although I only speak English, there were interviews in: Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Italian and French, so it was sometimes a suprise to get the translations on returning home

For instance one question I asked was 'What benefit will this show have for you?', which translated into Russian as 'What will you do when you retire?'. No wonder I got blank looks from the young designers

Anyway, after three years and with about 40 hours of footage on tape, I decided to try and make something out of it. This is the result

Some of you might recognise the really expensive voice over artist I used, he has never worked since except for odd guide voiceover!